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Market MakersUse Credit-Based Trading to Empower Your Market MakingUse any kind of collateral to gain access to chain-agnostic trading credit that you can use anywhere. Aqua enables you to focus more on strategy and less on stringent collateral requirements.
Liquidity ProvidersMaximize Your Yield with Sustainable Earning PotentialPowered by market maker financing fees, Aqua’s unique profit sharing model gives liquidity providers increased, sustainable yield earning opportunities founded on real, meaningful, on-chain economic activity.
Retail TradersTrade a Multitude of Assets, all at Optimized PricesWhether you’re trading on NativeX or through an aggregator, Aqua’s credit-based trading system creates superior pricing for a growing list of crypto assets—all on one secure, robust platform.
Why Aqua

New Waves in the DeFi Industry, Aqua Changes Everything

Streamlined Access to DeFi MarketsSeamlessly bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi, allowing you to quickly get started with our innovative credit-based trading.
Competitive Advantage in PricesAqua’s advanced RFQ model empowers you to make the best trades at the best prices—with reduced slippage and high efficiency.
Cutting-Edge Yield OpportunitiesEnter an ecosystem where providing liquidity earns you stellar yields while assisting market makers and improving the DeFi market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua enables market makers to participate in DeFi with minimal capital deployment and maximum flexibility, leveraging credit and liquidity in ways that aren’t possible with traditional automated market makers (AMMs).
Yes, retail investors can contribute to the efficiency of the platform and earn yields by providing liquidity, creating a healthier ecosystem as a whole and enabling market makers to engage in DeFi as well.
Aqua’s RFQ model offers more efficient capital usage and tighter spreads than traditional AMM models, allowing for better pricing by directly connecting buyers and sellers to one another.

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